Video shows a man in a white shirt, blue pants, sunglasses, and a black hat. He’s standing on red boulders looking into the distance.


I’m a full-stack engineer specializing in frontend development, with a background in UX design. Coworkers have given me shoutouts for:

  • Helping teams maintain momentum and focus on the highest-impact work
  • Building polished UIs with extreme attention to detail
  • A calm and communicative approach in complex, ambiguous environments
  • Creating concise roadmaps and technical plans
  • Anticipating issues and diving deep to find solutions

My work

I’m at Nava, working to make government services effective and accessible. Some projects I’ve worked on include:, Massachusetts Paid Family & Medical Leave, and unemployment insurance modernization at the federal and state levels. Before that, I was at Oak Studios, designing and building useful apps for developers and the creative community.

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