My work

With over a decade of experience, I’ve worn many hats, ranging from UX and Product Design, Frontend, and Backend. Projects I’ve worked on have ranged from government digital service modernization, consumer-facing websites, developer and designer tools, and open-source software.

Selected projects from 2007–2024 ↓

Flowchart with boxes and arrows. Stemming from a Checklist page, the flow goes into four different sections: identity, employer, leave, and payments.

Massachusetts Paid Family & Medical Leave#

I was a full-stack engineer on the team responsible for implementing the Massachusetts Paid Family & Medical Leave system, a brand new state program that provides paid time off for workers. The team successfully launched the application within a year, by the legislative deadline, during the COVID-19 pandemic. I led various initiatives, including a migration from JavaScript to TypeScript, usage of Storybook to test each question page in isolation, and introduced the concept of using a state machine to manage the complex multi-step application flow (60+ potential pages), allowing the team to visualize the implemented routing behavior.

Screenshot of a Step List component documentation, overlaid with a brand colors documentation snippet.

CMS Design System#

I was the tech lead and helped create the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Design System. Initially built for, it’s also now in use on sites like and I was responsible for the system’s CSS and React architecture, documentation, and implementation.


Dropmark helps organize all your links, files, and notes into visual collections. As part of the 4-person team at Oak Studios, I helped shape the product vision, design, and development. In 2015, I focused on making the product self-sustaining, leading the creation of the Teams offering. I led the design and development of features like annotations, reactions, a new browser extension, and overall refresh of the Dropmark brand.


Initially designed and built in one month at Oak Studios, Siteleaf is a CMS for static Jekyll websites. As part of the 4-person team, I led the design and frontend development, building the bulk of the frontend, including a WYSIWYG markdown editor and smart metadata controls that adjust based on the name of the field.


CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community. As part of a small 3-person consulting team, I led the design and frontend development of the initial website. The site was translated into 11 languages, included over 350 hours of video and an administrative section for hosts to manage event registration and content. I was responsible for a number of interactions, from the login form dropping off the page when you log in, raining hearts when you like a video, tagging quotes within videos, and a custom interactive map showing all chapter locations.


Blue was a weather app we launched at Oak Studios, and was designed and built in one week during our yearly team getaway. I was responsible for conceptualizing and creating a marketing page for the app and decided the best way to explain the app was to show it in action and let it speak for itself. Over a period of 24 hours, I recorded a timelapse overlooking Los Angeles. From there I recreated the app’s interface in HTML & CSS, then paired a CSS animation of the interface with the timelapse, demonstrating the relation between weather, time, and the interface’s color gradient.

Webpage screenshot showing an iPad with a multi-column article.


Gazette was a product I conceptualized and built the frontend for while at Oak Studios. It allowed you to subscribe to your favorite blogs, websites, and publications and receive a weekly, personalized ebook to read and highlight on iOS, Kindle, or Android. It synced issues with Readmill, Kindle, and also allowed you to download directly.

My open-source projects ↓